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Off the Tee is Lubbock’s only destination for indoor golf in the comfort and privacy of your preferred company. We strive to provide an opportunity for our members to improve their game, while enjoying their time, in a comfortable and private environment. Whether you are looking to up your game or relax and enjoy the amenities with friends. Off the Tee is the place for you!

The idea of ‘Off the Tee’ came about after a tough round of golf in the West Texas wind between friends, Casey Moses and Matt Ward. After a couple beers, they began to discuss how they could improve their game. They wanted the opportunity to know their numbers like the pros and practice without the tough and unpredictable conditions of West Texas and the idea of using an indoor golf simulator was born! They decided fellow golfers would enjoy the opportunity to use an indoor golf simulator for fun and to improve their game and the idea grew into what ‘Off the Tee’ is today.